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Senior Associates

Brock Miller

Brock heads the Firm’s Commercial and Property Division. Brock has a particular interest and expertise in corporate insolvency, commercial leasing, Pharmaceutical purchases, structures and industry matters, Industrial workplace law litigation and mortgages. Brock is currently the chairman of the Racing Disciplinary Board.

Jamie Miller

Jamie has advised insurers in litigation since his admission as a solicitor in September 1988. He practices in CTP insurance litigation and general insurance claims. Jamie has a particular interest and expertise in loss of future earning capacity, and was involved in the High Court decision of Husher v Husher that settled the law concerning partnership matters as they relate to loss of future earning capacity. He regularly provides training and educational seminars to the insurance industry on diverse topics, including assessment of damages for wrongful death, and the interpretation of common insurance policy terms, like the insured’s obligation to take reasonable care. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Insurance from Deakin University.

Rachael Miller

Rachael was admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland in December 1987. She is a Fellow of the Australian & New Zealand Institute of Insurance & Finance and practices exclusively in the area of insurance litigation. Rachael has acted both for statutory and general insurers and for national companies that are self insured or have significant retentions. In addition to managing conduct of claims and litigation, she assists her clients with general advice and in-house training in response to legislative change and industry issues. She is also a Queensland Law Society Accredited Personal Injury Specialist and is currently a member of the Queensland Law Society Specialist Accreditation Board. She has particular expertise in and regularly advises on indemnity and liability issues and catastrophic claims.

Justin Beirne

Justin practices in CTP insurance litigation, professional indemnity insurance litigation and general insurance public liability claims. He has a particular expertise in claims involving fraud as well as major/catastrophic claims. Justin is part of an in-house focus group for a particular CTP insurer to assist with training and planning to assess quantum and reserves on files. Part of this role involves forward planning of file management, educating clients on conference techniques and keeping them up to date on the law and changes in the law.

Tim Hancock

Tim practices in professional indemnity matters, insurance litigation, public liability litigation and medical negligence insurance claims. Tim has particular expertise in insurance claims and he also has a post graduate qualification in insurance law. Tim also acts on behalf of several medical defence organisations representing the interests of medical practitioners and surgeons throughout Queensland.

Nicole Henkey

Nicole practices in general insurance, both CTP and Public Liability Claims, professional indemnity insurance, medical negligence and commercial litigation. Nicole has experience dealing with major claims, liability disputes and investigating fraudulent claims. One such fraudulent claim was successfully referred for prosecution by the Motor Accident Insurance Commission. Nicole delivers in-house training sessions for other members of the firm and insurer clients.

Julie Ruffin

Julie has practised law within the insurance division of the firm since her admission in 1991. Julie acts exclusively in the field of insurance litigation on behalf of CTP and Public Liability Insurers. She has extensive experience in the defence of major claims involving brain / spinal injury. Julie also is committed to continuing legal education both within the firm and on behalf of corporate clients.

Senior Associates

Shelley Ward

Shelley practises in CTP insurance litigation and general insurance public liability claims. Shelley has a particular expertise in dealing with indemnity issues and is very well experienced in major claims and fraudulent claims. Shelley has assisted her clients to understand the Civil Liability Act and has assisted them in determining preliminary investigations that need to be carried out in order to run claims internally.

Kerri Monaghan

Kerri has practised within the insurance division of the firm since 2007. She has experience in managing CTP, public liability and medical negligence claims. Kerri has managed litigated claims through to judgment, some of which involved complex liability and fraud issues.

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