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QMT Lawyers History


For more than a century the name Quinlan Miller & Treston Lawyers (QMT) has been synonymous with trust, experience and quality legal services in Brisbane.

Quinlan Miller & Treston dates from the admission, in May 1899, of Ernest Edward Quinlan who was joined in practice in 1929 by Albert James Miller and in 1957 by Thomas Michael Treston. Right from our early beginnings the firm was built upon the foundations of integrity, exceptional customer service and high achievement.

It is these traditional values, coupled with our absolute commitment to the provision of direct, personal, timely and practical advice and solutions, that have sustained our reputation as one of Brisbane’s finest, most experienced firms.

You find with us an authentic law firm seeking to create an enduring partnership with each of our clients. Whether you are an existing client or a prospective client you will find relevant information on our site providing you with the incentive to contact us to further explore what we can do for you.