Conveyancing - Buying and Selling Your Home

Buying and selling property can be a stressful time and there are many things to take into consideration to ensure the process goes to plan, such as:

  • Negotiating the right contract terms to protect you and your investment
  • Ensuring the property is ‘legally fit’ so you don’t inherit building/council issues or fines in the future due to previous owners not meeting their legal requirements
  • Mortgage and finance issues
  • Settlement issues; and more.

Without dedicated professionals to advise you on these issues - settlements can be delayed, costing you money. Our team goes the extra mile to ensure your transaction is completed on time and with minimal fuss.

You will be looked after by one of our professional staff who will be readily available to answer all of your concerns and who is qualified to deal with all legal issues that arise.

Residential Tenancies

Residential Tenancy Agreements or Lease Agreements are legal documents that give people the right to occupy a residential premise, that is owned by another individual, as a residential tenant. These agreements cover houses, units, caravans/caravan sites, some manufactured homes and house boats.

The agreements are put into place to protect the owners’ investment, and also the rights of the tenant to ensure everyone is fairly protected in the matter.

Our team at QMTLAW can assist you in creating a secure agreement to best protect you and your investment.

Community Titles Schemes and Body Corporate Management

Community Titles Schemes are governed in Queensland by the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997. Community Title Schemes involve the owners of land as Tenants in Common and require the creation of a Body Corporate with a registered name and seal.

The Body Corporate, as owner of common property, has rights and obligations imposed on it by legislation.

Members of Body Corporates can be faced with many issues including:

  • Lot entitlements
  • Preparation of community management statements
  • Exercise of easement rights
  • The process for reinstating the building in whole or part
  • Termination of the scheme
  • Amalgamation of different community title schemes
  • The composition of, election of and removal of committee members, their powers and procedures
  • Body corporate meetings and recording of information
  • Voting/voting rights
  • Service contractor arrangements
  • Management – administration and disputes
  • Letting agents
  • Occupiers rights – nuisance
  • Insurance and Valuation
  • Sale of lots and proposed lots
  • Dispute resolution.

Out team at QMT can assist you with you these and any other issues you have regarding Community Titles Schemes and Body Corporate Management.

Independent Retired Living

Today, post retirement, there are many living options to choose from, of which a popular choice are independent living environments sometimes referred to as Retirement Villages or Country Clubs.

Much like any property investment, if you are considering entering into a contract in one of these arrangements it is wise to seek the professional advice from a trusted lawyer. Although these property schemes are regulated, you need to know and understand exactly what it is that you are buying, selling or establishing.


Let our team advise you on:

  • The interest you are buying
  • Your rights and obligations under the contract
  • The services you need to consider, the cost of those services and the contract you may need to sign regarding the supply of the services
  • The ingoing contribution and exit entitlements
  • Your ability to rescind the contract or terminate the contract.

Scheme Operator

If you are a retirement village scheme operator, QMT can assist you with:

  • Your application to register the scheme
  • Advice on your rights and obligations
  • Advice on Appeals
  • Disputes.