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At QMT we can assist you with all your workplace/employment law needs to ensure that you, your business and your employees are protected.

Talk to us today about how you can ensure your business is best covered to deal with discrimination and bullying in the workplace, ask us about unfair dismissal laws and what rights you have, or find out if the workplace agreements, to which your employees are currently signed, are the best choice for your business and still applicable.

Is your business WHS compliant?

RED Workplace Health & Safety Assessment

  • Risk Identification
  • Evaluation
  • Documentation

Breach of the Workplace Health & Safety Act 1995 (Q) can have serious financial fines of up to $375,000 for business as well as criminal consequences for individuals.

Our RED modeling service can go a long way to alleviating that risk for your Business. RED modeling is an assessment and advice service which QMT provide to our business and corporate clients. Our seven step procedure includes risk identification, evaluation, training and resource materials to ensure your business is compliant, and has the tools to remain compliant with Workplace Health & Safety requirements.

I. Identification of the various workplaces: Workplace Health & Safety requirements vary depending on the type of workplace.

II. Identification of the number of staff and duties involved in each of these workplaces: risk identification (steps 1 & 2 will enable assessment of what aspects of the Workplace Health & Safety Legislation and Australian Standards are applicable to your workplace).

III. A walk through: to examine workplaces and identify risks.

IV. Rate the Workplace Health & Safety Risks: assess the greatest risks for prioritising accident prevention (assessment of cost benefit analysis).

V. Prepare a training manual: Provided to staff at training.

VI. Prepare a trainers manual: for training others.

VII. Prepare induction material and program.